The Biomedical school is the most dynamically developing Phystech school, as well one of the main leaders of MIPT in education, science and innovation.

Here you will be able to implement your research, professional and creative ambitions. Our teachers and research supervisors, who are the world-class scientists will help you with this goal.

Education at the biomedical school consists of three stages: undergraduate school, master's degree and postgraduate studies

Admission Committee

Admission Rules / Programs / Admission Committee

Admission rules

  • 1
    Application submission can be done either personally to the admission office, or online via the personal account.
  • 2
    Entrance exams for foreign citizens will be held remotely online with mandatory proof of applicant's identification. The admission process starts on June 20 in 2023.
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    The number of entrance tests remained unchanged. At the moment, there is no regulatory framework that allows them to be changed.

Admission office

In addition to submitting applications, admission office will answer your freaquently asked questions about the admission process, phystech school, and you can talk to our students and the school's administration.

The administrative building of MIPT, 5th floor, room 531


From 9:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri.

Working hours of the admission office

Full terms of admission are on the website of the admission committee

Detailed information about admission to all levels of education

Admission Committee

Undergraduate school

Over the course of four years, students master a specialization of their choice in practice, and become trained specialists in that field.

A strong background in mathematics is combined with the ability to work with living objects and to apply the knowledge of mathematics in biology. This is the only way to get a broad scientific experience in Life Sciences.

Undergraduate school
Education period — 4 years
Competition in 2022
Average score in 2022

What do you need to know to apply in MIPT

Here is the minimum amount of background knowledge an applicant for an undegraduate program should have

Background knowledge

Master's programs

In Master's programs, we train both technological entrepreneurs and specialists to solve both fundamental and applied scientific problems together with leading high-tech corporations and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

You will find relevant programs, advanced projects, as well as high scholarships and salaries from the best Russian and international companies.

About the Master's programs
Education period — 2 years

All-Russian Scientific Conference of MIPT

Provides an opportunity to enroll in master's degree and postgraduate sschool without exams. Other individual achievements are also taken into account.

Conference website
Competition in 2022
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Engelgardt's Institute of Molecular Biology RAS, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Sklifosovsky Research Institute
Academic partners
Generium, ChemRar
Industrial partners

Postgraduate school

The Biomed postgraduate school accepts ambitious young researchers seeking to build a career in science. 16 own laboratories and 73 laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences will allow you to find the most promising topics for dissertation and work in a team of the world-class scientists.

Strong research teams and decent funding of scientific projects allow us to offer you the most comfortable start to a scientific career.

About postgraduate school
Education period — 4 years






16 world-class laboratories across the entire spectrum of Life Sciences and 73 partner laboratories
of academic institutions

Research supervisors

Konstantin Severinov, Anton Buzdin, Allan Kalueff, Pavel Volchkov, Stanislav Otstavnov and more than a hundred experienced scientists and young researchers

Research supervisors

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