Undegraduate programs
This level is the first one in training in MIPT's Biomedical School.
We have a substantial and complex curriculum containing many various disciplines. This is the reason behind such a strict selection process for admission even among the best applicants.

Over the course of four years, students master a specialization of their choice in practice, and become trained specialists in that field.

Two educational programs are available for admission:
"Applied Mathematics and Physics" (Biophysics and Bioinformatics) and "Biotechnology"
About undegraduate programs
Training level
There are two undergraduate programs in our school:
This is a classical major of the Phystech training programs, where the main focus is in the fundamental training in physics and mathematics. This program suits the best to those who want their career to be in computational biology or so called “dry” lab. Specialists of this scientific field are in demand in bioinformatics, biophysics and structural biology.

This allows graduates to use mathematics and computer algorithms to work on the most complex medical and biological problems of our time.

This program is taught in Russian only.
1. Biophysics
and bioinformatics
Entrance exams
Chemistry or Physics / Mathematics
Diploma in the specialty
03.03.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics
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This Life Science program gives a fresh perspective on fundamental biology, chemistry and computer science. The main focus of this major is in biology and chemistry, as well as mathematics as it develops the logical thinking. This program is a better choice for those who want to become experimental biologists and work in "wet" lab. The cross-cutting disciplines of this program are in computer science: the basics of programming, analytics and Big Data.

Biotechnology graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in molecular biology, genetic engineering and bioinformatics.

This program is taught in Russian only
Entrance exams
Biology or chemistry / Mathematics
Diploma in the specialty
19.03.01 Biotechnology
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Tuition Free: 35
Tuition Fee: 8
Tuition Free: 64
Tuition Fee: 9

This curriculum is intended for undergrads pursuing biotechnology as their field of study.

The goal of this curriculum is to give students specific expertise in the areas of chemistry, biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and biophysics in addition to the fundamental understanding in the natural sciences. Students select the academic path that interests them the most during the procedure, such as genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, or biophysics. The program's aim is to offer the most comprehensive representations of these fields so that students can specialize even further and have the chance to study a few chosen topics in-depth.

This program is taught in English only


15 seats
Tuition fee or scholarship
Diploma in the specialty
19.03.01 Biotechnology
The progress of our students' skills by years:

Students study the basic disciplines in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and physics.

1st year

Students continue to acquire basic theoretical knowledge. Each block includes lectures, seminars and workshops in modern educational laboratories. All undergraduate classes are held on the MIPT campus.

2nd year
The third year is devoted to the study of specialized disciplines. By the end of the first semester, students should decide on the field of interest in the life sciences and the corresponding basic department. The base department is a subdivision of the FBMF MIPT or a research institute where the student's scientific work will take place and specialized disciplines will be held in 3rd and 4th years.

3rd year
The fourth course is completely devoted to the implementation of research work. Each student works full-time in one of the scientific laboratories of the MIPT Biomed and partners under the guidance of international scientists. Here students will get acquainted with the principles of carrying out scientific projects, will be able to work on high-tech equipment and participate in solving real problems of modern life sciences. After the defense, graduates receive a state diploma and can enter the magistracy

4th year
About Master's programs
Schedule for undergraduate admission in 2023
Acceptance of documents from applicants for competitive groups
June 20 - July 25
Entrance tests for tuition-fee
June 20 — August 5
Entrance tests for tuition free
July 11 — July 25
Acceptance of documents from applicants for programs in English
June 20 — August 17
Admission committee
Full terms of admission are on the website of the admission committee
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