Postgraduate school

Postgraduate school is an important career step in the development of a real scientist. Students study only specific subjects, and for four years each student is involved in work on their personal research project.

Students in postgrad programs have an opportunity to participate in research processes of the present international level. Because of our powerful basic training, 50% of our graduate students defend their dissertation during their studying or prior to the graduation.

Defense of dissertations take place in the MIPT's own dissertation councils, which have the right to award scientific degrees independently.

About the postgraduate school
Training level

Groups and specialties

Bioorganic chemistry

1.4. Chemical Sciences


1.5. Biological sciences

Molecular Biology

Mathematical biology, bioinformatics

Cell Biology

Schedule of classes
Educational process

Postgraduate programs

We invite academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help in development of postgraduate programs.

Scientific work in our postgraduate school can be carried out in base organizations which are our leading academic institutions and partner copmanies, as well as directly in Phystech's labs.

Period of education — 4 years

Students dedicate only 15% of their time to classes in postgrad school, and the first year is the most intense for this matter. For the first year students take the humanitarian disciplines in three units of their choice; one discipline per unit per semester. They also have to take pedagogy or teaching methods. In the end of first year postgrads take two qualifying exams: foreign language and history and the philosophy of science. Exams on postgrad's specialization take place in the third year.

Graduate students work
in the strongest departments
and meet the leading professionals in the industry

Base organizations

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology (V. A. Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Department of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology (Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic chemistry)
Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (Vavilov Institute of General Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Department of Personalized Biomedical Technologies
Department of Physics of Living Systems (Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute)
Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine

16 modern MIPT laboratories and 74 partner laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences

let our postgrads conduct comprehensive research in the entire spectrum of Life Sciences during their research work

Majors and competitive groups 2023

Biological sciences

Tuition Free
Tuition Fee

Chemical sciences


Attestation of postgraduate students

Certification takes place in the first, second and third year. More information on semesters can be found in the academic department.

During the attestation process we assess the student's progress in fulfillment of the curriculum, determine student's academic debt and the terms of its elimination.

A student can't transfer to another year if the attestation is failed.

Dissertation councils

Defense of dissertations take place in the MIPT's own dissertation councils, which have the right to award scientific degrees independently.

Research work for dissertation is carried out in the leading laboratories. When preparing the attestation material, it is possible to include dissertation councils in the ongoing research projects.

Scientific supervisors

Leading scientific groups

The leading Russian scientific groups in the field of bioinformatics and digital medicine operate on the basis of MIPT's Biomed school.

Biomed school has a number of advanced laboratories in the field of biological sciences.

Schedule for postgraduate admission in 2023
Acceptance of documents from applicants for competitive groups
June 20 - July 24
Entrance tests for tuition-free
July 27 — August 1
Entrance tests for tuition fee
July 27 — August 1
August 23 — August 26
Acceptance of documents from
applicants for programs in English
June 20 — August 19
Admission committee
Full terms of admission are on the website of the admission committee
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