Master's program
Program's main objective
The goal of this research and training program is to give students the abilities and information required to use the vast amounts of biological data that are collected during biological experiments, such as diverse "omics" studies, pharmacological and epidemiological investigations, and biological surveys.

Applied bioinformatics also makes use of statistical and machine learning methods. Students get comprehensive understanding in the areas of contemporary molecular biology, genetics, and associated biological fields.
Who is this program intended for?
Graduates with a bachelor's degree who have experience in the biological and computer sciences, such as molecular biology, genetics, immunology, programming, coding, statistics, mathematics and related subjects.

Conditions of admission

Programming skills
Knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python
Language skills
Upper-intermediate or above in English
Minimum required knowledge
Basic understanding of genetics, molecular biology, and calculus
15 seats per program
2 years
Tuition fee or scholarship
Skills obtained during education program
  • Statistics and bioinformatics
    Proficiency in using statistical and bioinformatics techniques to analyze and interpret biological data
  • Machine learning
    A thorough understanding of machine learning techniques and proficient application for scientific purposes
  • Data analysis
    Fundamental understanding and practical proficiency with the characteristics of data acquired from high-throughput sequencing platforms
  • Solving real problems
    Understanding the proper methods for approaching real biology and genetics problems and being able to reformulate them in technical terms
  • Studies
    Fundamental experimental abilities for self-directed studies in the microbiome and microbial diversity fields
Career prospects
The field of industrial bioinformatics has great promise for future advancements in both science and industry. The curriculum is open to students who have a foundational understanding of computer science and mathematics and can do calculations in bio.

Experts with track records in academia and business developed this program. Students are sent to work and practice in eminent Russian and foreign research centers and institutes while pursuing their education.

Will help you, if:

You have troubles with admission, adaptation or education of foreign students

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Amina Mukhambetova

Curator of programs for foreign students
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