Biochemical Research of Cancerogenesis Laboratory

The task of the laboratory is to obtain new knowledge about the occurrence and development of aggressive tumors, as well as to find ways to most effectively prevent these processes.

The laboratory carries out interdisciplinary research at the intersection of molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, biomedicine, nanobiotechnologies, aimed at the fundamental study of carcinogenesis processes at the molecular (molecular genetic), cellular, organo-tissue levels and at the level of the whole organism.

It is planned to develop schemes for oncodiagnostics and oncotherapy, demonstrating the effectiveness of anticancer drugs in vivo, comparable to that in a test tube - in vitro., Incl. study of schemes of combined (combined) chemotherapy, photothermal, photodynamic therapy, hyperthermia, magnetically induced therapy

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Development of in vitro cell models, relevant reflecting the processes of growth and development of tumors for large-scale screening of anticancer drugs

Studies of angiogenesis processes in solid slow growing tumors and blockage of this processes
Linearization of cells in the stromal microenvironment
tumors, their detailed characteristics

Creation of a biobank of tumor/cancer cells based on

tumor samples, characterization of lines

Development of new experimental animal models,
primarily immunocompetent mice, with solid
orthotopic tumors

Development of methods for bioimaging processes

tumor spread, life-time in vivo imaging

Development of optical theranostics methods
Development of targeted image-guided by address structures therapy methods

Study of routes of systemic administration
anticancer agents into the body, development
innovative anti-cancer therapies
  • Viktoria Shipunova
    Head of the Laboratory, Ph.D.
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