PhD in biology

Scientific supervisor

Mikhail Durymanov

Main place of work:

Laboratory of special cell technologies, MIPT

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Professional interests/research projects:

Scientific interests:
1. Biology of cancer and metastasis.
2. Molecular mechanisms and therapy of inflammatory diseases.
3. Intracellular transport of macromolecules and nanoparticles.
4. 3D cell models of cancer.
5. Targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents. Radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy of cancer.
6. Polymeric and lipid drug/gene delivery systems. Pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of nanodrugs.
7. Visualization of tumors.
8. Microscopy of cells and tissues in real time.
9. Use of biomaterials and stem cells in regenerative medicine.
Main publications:
1. Durymanov M., Kroll C., Permyakova A., O’Neill E., Sulaiman R., Person M., Reineke J. Subcutaneous inoculation of 3D pancreatic cancer spheroids results in development of reproducible stroma-rich tumors. Transl Oncol, 2019, 12:180-189.
2. Durymanov M., Permyakova A., Sene S., Guo A., Kroll C., Giménez-Marqués M., Serre C., Reineke J. Cellular Uptake, Intracellular Trafficking and Stability of Biocompatible Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Particles in Kupffer Cells. Mol Pharm, 2019, 16:2315-2325.
3. Durymanov M., Kroll C., Permyakova A., Reineke J. Role of Endocytosis in Nanoparticle Penetration of 3D Pancreatic Cancer Spheroids. Mol Pharm, 2019, 16:1074-1082.
4. Guo A., Durymanov M., Permyakova A., Sene S., Serre C., Reineke J. Metal Organic Framework (MOF) particles as potential bacteria-mimicking delivery systems for infectious diseases: Characterization and cellular internalization in alveolar macrophages. Pharm Res, 2019, 36:53.
5. Durymanov M.O., Rosenkranz A.A., Sobolev A.S. Current approaches to overcome intratumoral barriers impeding targeted delivery of nanomedicines. Theranostics, 2015, 5(9):1007-1020.
6. Durymanov M.O., Slastnikova T.A., Kuzmich A.I., Khramtsov Y.V., Ulasov A.V., Rosenkranz A.A., Egorov S.Y., Sverdlov E.D., Sobolev A.S. Microdistribution of MC1R-targeted polyplexes in murine melanoma tumor tissue. Biomaterials, 2013, 34(38):10209-10216.
7. Durymanov M.O., Beletkaia E.A., Ulasov A.V., Khramtsov Y.V., Trusov G.A., Rodichenko N.S., Slastnikova T.A., Vinogradova T.V., Uspenskaya N.Y., Kopantsev E.P., Rosenkranz A.A., Sverdlov E.D., Sobolev A.S. Subcellular trafficking and transfection efficacy of polyethyleniminepolyethylene glycol polyplex nanoparticles with a ligand to melanocortin receptor-1. J Control Release, 2012, 163(2):211-219.

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