Laboratory of Experimental and Cell Medicine

The main goal of the laboratory is to conduct fundamental research and transfer their results to clinical use.

The tasks of the laboratory are focused on experimental and computational cardiology.

One of the main tasks that have applications to clinical cardiology is the study of cardiac tissue fibrosis and its role in the development of cardiac pathologies. Particular attention will be given to the use of viral vectors to study the consequences of inhibiting or stimulating the expression of certain genes and for translational research aimed at developing (synthetic) biomedical interventions such as cardiac gene therapy. In addition, studies will be conducted on methods for non-invasive detection of ischemia of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

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Our Skills


Prognosis and criteria for the treatment of hypertrophic



Modeling of ablation therapy in diffuse

fibrosis in the atria


Modeling and prognosis of complications in ischemic

diseases of the organ (CHD, UPS, COPD, postoperative



Functionality Prediction and Detection Algorithms

body in open operations and in operations for



Studying the possibility and effectiveness of cellular

therapies based on new in situ biosubstrates and the impact

paracrine effect on differentiation and substitution

damaged area

Exploring the prospects for the use of mesenchymal
cells to treat heart and muscle damage
Research on the use of viral vectors for transdifferentiation of scar tissue and creation regenerative methods based on direct
transdifferentiation of cells from terminal stages
for in situ scar tissue replacement

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Our Team
  • Valeria Tsvelaya
    Head of the Laboratory
  • Konstantin Agladze
    Deputy head of the laboratory
  • Sheyda Frolova
  • Sandaara Kovalenko
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