Laboratory of Functional Biomaterials

As part of the experimental work, the development of the physical foundations and the discovery of biomaterial studies were carried out. Through such systems, not only the development and release of an active organism can develop, but the formation and biocompatibility of intelligent materials and bioengineered structures for medical purposes, as well as control over the control and detection of body tissues.

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Development of methods for the formation of enzymatic

nanoparticles for intracellular delivery and nanofibers,

containing enzymes for their local delivery


Analysis of the spatial structure of proteins

and their enzymatic activity in the composition of nanostructures,

study of biodegradation of nanostructures and their


Development of surface stabilization methods
bioresorbable and bioresistant materials with
by applying a bioactive polymer-
inorganic coating for further creation
elements of hard and soft tissue fixation systems
Research and optimization of structural characteristics
coatings, their impact on biosafety and biodegradation
products received

Development of prototypes of implantable medical

products using mixed protein nanoparticles

and nanofibers

  • Dmitry Klinov
    Head of Laboratory
  • Ekaterina Obraztsova
    Deputy head of the Laboratory
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