Laboratory of functional medicines

The laboratory carries out preclinical development of innovative dosage forms, including those based on liposomal technologies.

A full cycle of work on the development of nanoformulations based on promising medicinal substances proposed by the real sector of the economy, including:

The team of the created laboratory has experience in performing custom research for enterprises from the real sector of the economy.

About Laboratory

We perform


Selection and synthesis of candidate compounds

Selection of promising candidate medicinal substances (according to the requests of industrial partners). Preparation of substances (chemical modification, biomodification, etc.) and their conversion into a form suitable for incorporation into nanoscale delivery vehicles

Synthesis scaling

Development of scalable (up to pilot production scales) methods of synthesis and optimization of nanoscale delivery vehicles (including liposomes and lipid nanoparticles) suitable for delivery to given physiological targets

In vitro study

Conducting full-scale studies of the behavior of nanoformulations in vitro

In vivo study
Проведение in vivo исследований поведения наноформуляций в объемах, необходимых для начала доклинических исследований.

Our Skills


Fine organic and bioorganic synthesis

Directed bio- and chemical modification of promising therapeutic substances

Synthesis of nanoparticles with a given set of properties


Instrumental Methods for Analyzing the Physicochemical and Colloidal Chemical Characteristics of Nanoparticles

Instrumental methods for analyzing the behavior of nanoparticles in vitro on cell models (including cytotoxicity, classical flow and imaging cytometry, etc.);
Non-invasive instrumental methods for analyzing the behavior of nanoparticles in vivo (including magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, optical spectral spectrometry, MPQ magnetometry, etc.)
Our Team
  • Artem Sizikov
    Head of Laboratory
  • Elizaveta Mochalova
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