Laboratory for Analysis of Population Health Indicators and Digitalization of Healthcare

Our laboratory brings together experts with experience in leading domestic universities and healthcare organizations. We are engaged in data analysis of biomedical statistics, research on health management in the broad sense (including innovation management), health technology expertise, and standardization in the field of artificial intelligence.

All our employees have extensive experience (more than 3 years) in international projects in the field of health protection.

About Laboratory

Key Indicators



Since the launch of the laboratory, we have contributed to 36 publications in Q1 journals, including leading scientific publications (The Lancet and Nature)


4 candidates of sciences (economic, technical, medical and biological sciences), 1 doctor of medical sciences work in the laboratory. We have experience of interaction with government agencies, as well as teaching experience in leading Russian universities (Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Higher School of Economics, Sechenov University)



Over 2000 citations of our published research in the world's leading scientific journals
Media Activity
More than 100 mentions in industry and federal media with a media activity index of over 10,000.

Our Skills


Participation in the current international scientific agenda

Interaction with international organizations and leading foreign research centers, the results of which are published in Q1

Burden of Disease Study

Studying the prevalence of various diseases and their impact on the economy of different countries


Healthcare Innovation Research

Study of the methodology for implementing innovations in the healthcare sector
Teachijng and course creation
Educational activities in leading universities, including Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman, Moscow State University, Sechenov Medical University, as well as on the Coursera platform
Digitalization of healthcare

Scientific leadership of student teams involved in the development of digital solutions


Scientific leadership of student teams involved in the development of digital solutions

Active coverage of the results of scientific activities for a wide audience

Internet research in medicine
Search analytics as an additional tool for information search in medical research

Research in the field of evidence-based medicine

Analysis of the effectiveness and safety of medical interventions using modern evidence base

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Our Team
  • Stanislav Otstavnov
    Head of Laboratory
  • Alexey Breusov
  • Nikita Otstavnov
    Deputy Head of Laboratory
  • David Naimzada

Main areas of cooperation


Project support, consulting in the creation of educational programs, consulting in the preparation of applications for grants and competitions, consulting in the preparation of business plans


Conducting research of high methodological quality (for outsourcing)

Organization of events

Organization of educational events, seminars, summer schools, hackathons, start-up schools

Scheduling a meeting to discuss collaboration

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Latest news, announcements of events, events in the life of the laboratory

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