Laboratory of Cell Signalling Regulation

The cell signaling regulation laboratory is engaged in the study of intracellular signaling cascades of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells associated with various multifactorial diseases. Understanding the mechanisms underlying signaling pathways opens up new possibilities for creating new tools for their regulation.

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Within this direction, we create opportunities for magnetically controlled influence on cellular processes. We are developing a technology for the mechanical restructuring of intracellular components in a magnetic field. In addition, in a magnetic field, it becomes possible to regulate the activity of ion channels and receptors, signaling intracellular pathways. Thanks to this, it is possible to influence the activity of cells and determine their physiological state.


Sorting and delivery of RNA

Using natural RNA sorting and delivery systems, we are developing a comprehensive system for the treatment of genetic diseases. Delivery of therapeutic mRNA to target organs will make it possible to treat many diseases without the risk of integration into the patient's genome.


The study of stem cells

The study of stem cells covers the study of the mechanisms by which stem cells choose the path of differentiation. We study how the cell makes a choice of differentiation path, what signaling pathways are involved in these processes. An important task is the need to determine the conditions for the growth and development of cells under which it is possible to fully form a full-fledged tissue.


Popularization of science

The laboratory is actively involved in scientific and educational activities, participates in the organization of scientific festivals, educational events, seminars, summer schools and the creation of educational programs.

Expertise and collaboration

The laboratory is open to cooperation in scientific and educational areas. The high competence of the laboratory staff and extensive experience in preparing applications for grants and competitions allow you to analyze your project, draw up an experiment plan, a business plan and propose a development strategy.

  • Iliya Zubarev
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