Laboratory of Special Medical Equipment, Technology and Pharmaceuticals

The purpose of the laboratory is:

  • Development of medical products based on natural biopolymers intended for first aid in case of bleeding, for the treatment of severe burns and wounds, as well as biocompatible polysaccharide matrices for the immobilization of physiologically active proteins and cell cultures;
  • Creation of drugs for disaster medicine;
  • Development of medical devices for operation in extreme climatic conditions.

About Laboratory

Our Skills

Local hemostatic agents to stop massive bleeding based on modified chitosan
Sets for use in chest injuries, including open and tension pneumothorax
Devices for intraosseous administration of solutions in the absence of venous access
  • Valeriy Boyarintsev
    Head of laboratory
  • Aleksandr Trofimenko
    Deputy Head of the Laboratory
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Bio Building of MIPT
Dolgoprudny, Institutskiy lane, 9с7, 4th floor
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