Laboratory of Translational Genomic Bioinformatics

The laboratory is engaged in the analysis of molecular pathways and the creation of new generation tumor markers.

The laboratory is looking for molecular pathways whose activity is associated with predicting the response of a cancerous tumor to treatment. Machine learning methods make it possible to use path activation to create a new generation of diagnostic systems, some of which are already being introduced into practice.

We are developing a universal transcriptome data harmonization system that will, for the first time, allow comparison of data obtained in thousands of different series of experiments.

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Analysis of molecular pathways and creation of new generation tumor markers


First universalization and comparison system

transcriptome data ("transcriptome BLAST")


Individual OMICS tumor profile and

machine learning to improve success

cancer therapy

  • Anton Buzdin
    Head of the Laboratory, Ph.D.
  • Maxim Sorokin
  • Marianna Zolotovskaya
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