Laboratory of Plant System Genomics and Mobilomics

The purpose of the laboratory is to develop and apply the technology for activating mobile elements to accelerate the production of new economically valuable phenotypic traits and the creation of promising varieties and hybrids of agricultural plants.

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Our Skills

Optimization of the method of chemical activation of mobile elements for agricultural plants, including vegetable and oilseeds
Obtaining promising lines of agricultural plants of vegetable and oil crops with new insertions of mobile elements and distinctive phenotypic features


Creation of a panel of markers for new insertions for marker-mediated selection of new traits and genotyping of lines with new transposon insertions


Development of new methods for activating plant mobile elements using RNA technologies and genome editing


Study of the fundamental features of the organization and dynamics of plant mobilome in response to stress


Study of genomic, transcriptomic and epigenetic features of new insertions of transposable elements

Our Team
  • Iliya Kirov
    Head of the Laboratory
  • Maxim Dudnikov
  • Oleg Alexandrov
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Bio Building of MIPT
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