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Additional enrollment for the Master's program of JSC "GENERIUM"

GENERIUM is an industrial partner of the  MIPT Biomed School , on the basis of which the master's program “Modern Technologies in Commercial Biopharmaceuticals” is being implemented, announces an additional set for the program. The offer can be used by students who plan to restore or transfer from other directions to the PBMP from February 2022.
Students of the program as part of their research will be able to study one of the proposed topics:

Development of a high-speed sedimentation method for the analysis of particle distribution in rAAV preparations for gene therapy.
The use of analytical ultracentrifugation to quantify the aggregation of monoclonal antibodies.
Modern methods of assessing the affinity and specificity of biopolymers on the example of monoclonal antibodies.
Sedimentation as a way to characterize the stoichiometry of biomolecule complexes or their aggregation by the example of monoclonal antibodies.
Microheterogenicity of protein biopolymers and its effect on the basic function.
Study of long-term stability and homogeneity of supramolecular structures on the example of recombinant viruses during storage.
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