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Graduation of students of the joint Master's degree of MIPT and Napoleon IT

On the basis of the master's program in 2020, the Laboratory of Data Analysis and Computer Vision in Biology and Medicine was created to participate in commercial projects and research activities. The main applied and scientific activities are aimed at finding personalized treatment of hereditary genetic diseases within the framework of the project to create the LEVIT system, the main bioinformatics project of Napoleon IT.

It is a data analysis system using machine learning algorithms for accurate diagnosis and individual search for treatment of genetic diseases. The system can analyze data on scientific articles using artificial intelligence. This allows  quickly and accurately advise patients in automatic mode.

During the training, students participated in many interesting projects and competitions. For example, in the Digital Breakthrough they searched for anomalous areas on the diagram of RR intervals. One of the most significant projects was UNONA, a detector of covid anomalies in the heart rhythm. A group of scientists from the UNN Lobachevsky under the leadership of S. Polevaya. Signs of critical changes in the body associated with COVID-19 were detected based on the results of mobile heart rate telemetry.

According to them, more than 70% of deaths in COVID-19 disease are associated with acute heart failure and thrombosis. Existing clinical diagnostic methods do not allow determining the predictors of these problems in order to detect and prevent a fatal outcome in time. But artificial intelligence, in the presence of an extensive initial database, is quite capable of analyzing and detecting signs of the disease. To solve such a problem, only an experienced cross-disciplinary team was needed, which was just formed at MIPT.