PhD in Biology

Scientific supervisor

Valeria Tsvelaya

Main place of work:

M. F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute

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Professional interests/research projects:

1) Cardiotoxicity and drug selection systems.
2) Direct reprogramming of cells.
3) Systems for preserving donor organs and non-invasive evaluation of functionality.
4) Study of the phenotypic features of the development of cardiac tissue in the process of embryogenesis and subsequent life.
5) HCM and other cardiovascular diseases.
Main publications:
Podgurskaya, A.D., Slotvitsky, M.M., Tsvelaya, V.A., Frolova, S.R., Romanova, S.G., Balashov, V.A., Agladze, K.I.
Cyclophosphamide arrhythmogenicitytesting using human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
(2021) Scientific Reports, 11 (1), статья № 2336, .

Podgurskaya, A., Slotvitsky, M., Tsvelaya, V., Agladze, K.
Diphenhydramine Arrhythmogenicity Testing Using Monolayers of Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes
(2021) Proceedings - 2021 IEEE Ural-Siberian Conference on Computational Technologies in Cognitive Science, Genomics and Biomedicine, CSGB 2021, статья № 9496019, pp. 300-303.

Slotvitsky, M.M., Tsvelaya, V.A., Podgurskaya, A.D., Agladze, K.I.
Formation of an electrical coupling between differentiating cardiomyocytes
(2020) Scientific Reports, 10 (1), статья № 7774 .

Podgurskaya, A.D., Tsvelaya, V.A., Slotvitsky, M.M., Dementyeva, E.V., Valetdinova, K.R., Agladze, K.I.
The Use of iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Optical Mapping for Erythromycin Arrhythmogenicity Testing
(2019) Cardiovascular Toxicology, 19 (6), pp. 518-528.

Kudryashova, N., Nizamieva, A., Tsvelaya, V., Panfilov, A.V., Agladze, K.I.
Self-organization of conducting pathways explains electrical wave propagation in cardiac tissues with high fraction of nonconducting cells
(2019) PLoS Computational Biology, 15 (3), статья № e1006597, .

Slotvitsky, M., Tsvelaya, V., Frolova, S., Dementyeva, E., Agladze, K.
Arrhythmogenicity Test Based on a Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Derived Cardiomyocyte Layer
(2019) Toxicological Sciences, 168 (1), pp. 70-77.

Balashov, V., Chepeleva, E., Tsvelaya, V., Slotvitsky, M., Pavlova, S., Ponomarenko, A., Dokuchaeva, A., Vasilieva, M., Krasilnikova, A., Strelnikov, A., Agladze, K., Pokushalov, E., Sergeevichev, D.
Use of polylactic nanofibrous scaffolds as a substrate for cardiomyocytes cultivation
(2018) AIP Conference Proceedings, 2051, статья № 020024 . 
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